1. Does Dallas have toll roads?
Renter Question PlatePass® Response
1. How does it work? Customers automatically opt in to use PlatePass when they use the express lanes statewide in Texas with TxTag, EZ TAG in Houston, and TollTag in Dallas. When rental cars use these lanes, the toll system identifies the car and charges the posted toll to the Rental Agreement.
2. What does it cost? Customers will be charged the cash or pay-by-mail toll rate, whichever is higher, as published by the toll authority, plus a service fee per rental day with a maximum monthly or weekly cap. If the rental is for multiple months, the PlatePass fees will only apply for the month when the PlatePass service was actually used. For example, if the car is rented for a two-month period, and PlatePass was only used during the first month, the fees will not apply to the second month. The month starts on the first day of the rental. Customers will be charged approximately 10 days after the rental car is returned. See your rental agreement for more information about service fees.
3. Why am I being charged a service fee? The fee pays for the convenience of the program.
4. How am I being charged for this service? The service fee is applied on a rental day basis. One daily fee for the entire day until midnight, whether 1 or 50 tolls are incurred during that day. The renter will not be charged an administrative fee for more than 5 days during a 30 day period, although tolls will be charged at the posted cash rate.
5. How do I get a receipt or view my charges? You can access a receipt online and view your toll activity at www.PlatePass.com. You will need your rental agreement number along with your rental return date.
6. Where can I use PlatePass in Texas? Anywhere you see a signed EZ TAG, TxTag, or TollTag lane which is non-gated. If the renter enters a cash-only or coin lane, then the renter will have to pay cash. Toll roads in Texas are located in Fort Worth, Dallas, Tyler, Austin, and Houston. The Harris County Toll Road system (EZ TAG) covers approximately 103 miles of roadway in the Houston / Harris County area. The Dallas North Tollway (TollTag) is a 32-mile connection between downtown Dallas and cities in northern Dallas, Collin and Denton Counties. The Central Texas Turnpike System (TxTag) in Austin includes the SH 130 (49 miles), SH 45N (approximately 13 miles), and the Loop 1 Extension (approximately three miles).
7. Where are the unmanned cashless toll roads in Texas? The George Bush toll Road, Sam Rayburn Tollway (121) and Lewisville Lake Toll Bridge are unmanned cashless toll roads.
8. Why should I use PlatePass PlatePass can be used anywhere you see a signed EZ TAG, TxTag, or TollTag lane which is non-gated. If the renter enters a cash only or coin lane, then the renter will have to pay cash.
9. Where can I use PlatePass? PlatePass an be used anywhere you see a signed EZ TAG, TxTag, or TollTag lane which is non-gated. If the renter enters a cash only or coin lane, then the renter will have to pay cash.
10. How do I sign up for PlatePass? Every rental car is PlatePass ready. No pre-enrollment or sign up is needed. No extra paperwork is required and you do not have to stop at the Hertz counter.
11. Do EZ TAG, T Tag and/or TxTag holders get a discount on the toll amount? You are charged the posted cash toll rate.
12. Where else can I use this program? Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, Texas, Washington and Puerto Rico. PlatePass enables rental car customers to avoid waiting in toll lines to pay cash or coins by using EXpressToll lanes in Colorado, the SunPass Only and E-Pass designated lanes in Florida, North Carolina Quick Pass, EZ TAG (non-gated) lanes in Texas, and Good to Go in Washington on State Road 520 Bridge and Tacoma Narrows Bridges only, as well as the AutoExpreso in Puerto Rico. In the Greater San Francisco Bay Area PlatePass is available on the following Bay Area Bridges: Antioch, Benicia-Martines, Carquines, Dumbarton, Golden Gate, Richmond-San Rafael, San Francisco-Oakland Bay, and San Mateo-Hayward. This means that a customer renting in any state throughout the U.S., can use PlatePass while traveling on toll roads in Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Washington and Texas. PlatePass uses a transponder in the Northeast U.S. The service will be coming soon to other major toll markets.
13. What Telephone # can I call if I have a question about my rental car bill? Hertz Customer Service: 1-888-777-6095
14. What telephone number can I call if I have a question about PlatePass? PlatePass Customer Service: 1-877-411-4300. The renter can also visit the PlatePass website at www.PlatePass.com. For general questions, you may also email information@PlatePass.com.
15. What happens if I rent the car for a long period of time? You may end up having your charges broken up into more than one invoice.
16. What if I have my own tag and/or transponder? If you bring your own tag with you in the rental car during the trip, PlatePass will not be used or activated. It is in your best interest to call and notify your toll company if you will be using their tag in their rental car (EZ TAG: 281-875-EASY; TxTag: 1-888-GoTxTag; or TollTag: 1-877-991-0033). If the tag is not mounted properly on the windshield, it will not be activated or read by the toll system you drive through the toll lane. In this case, you will be charged for the toll through the PlatePass service. Although not possible, if you feel that you have been double billed by the toll authority and PlatePass, please contact PlatePass customer service at: 1-877-411-4300.
17. Why don’t I see a green light when I go through the TxTag lanes? The TxTag tolling system in Texas is set up for toll tag use. The green and red lights and buzzers at the plazas you discern whether there is something wrong with your transponder or account.
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2. We are traveling to Dallas and will be arriving at Love  Field, what is this best ground transportation?
There are many fine airport transportation providers in the area. If price is not necessarily an issue then you could choose a more private option and travel by sedan or stretched limos to your destination with companies such as Blacklane or ExecuCar. You could also choose a private chauffeured SUV service to get you to and from the airport. At DAL your options are many.
Dallas airport also has two areas where taxicabs are available for hire. The Dallas Area Rapid Transit DART is available for the locations from Plano to Highland Park and many others nearby towns and neighborhoods. Dallas Love airport also offers convenient rental car service from many vendors such as Hertz, Avis, Budget and Enterprise to name a few. There is the option of using the shuttle service available at the airport. There are two convenient airport parking areas, as well as valet parking availability.
Dallas Hotel Shuttles
Booking an airport shuttle van or limousine makes it easier to get to your hotel quickly and easily. There are many top name hotels surround the Dallas Love airport area. There are also hotels and motels for the budget conscious travelers. Brands such as Hilton and Day’s Inn are just a few available close by. Prices vary by hotel yet are competitive for the area

Dallas Love Field DAL Airport Shuttle

Dallas Love Field has become a popular alternative for travelers who are flying into Dallas, Texas but want to avoid the chaos of DFW. If you are coming into town for a convention this airport may be easier to get into and out of. To make your trip complete book reservations for pick up from Dallas Love rides in airport shuttles. You’ll find low rates for a taxi cab, private sedans or limousine service that can take you to and from DAL airport. Having all the details of your trip planned out will make you feel much more relaxed so you can focus on your vacation and make the most of each moment.https://www.airportshuttles.com/dallas-love.php