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There is no evidence to back the claim the President made at a Michigan rally that medical workers are inflating the Covid-19 death count to get more money
President Donald Trump on Friday baselessly claimed that doctors are inflating the coronavirus death count for monetary gain while cases, hospitalizations and deaths surge across the country.

US coronavirus cases surpass 9 million driven by 'silent epidemic' of asymptomatic infections
Coronavirus infections passed 9 million on Friday with the virus spreading across the United States at a faster rate than previously seen.

Dr. Ruth offers relationship advice

Trump makes shocking claim about doctors treating Covid-19
President Donald Trump pushed a baseless conspiracy theory at one of his rallies in Michigan, claiming that "our doctors get more money if somebody dies from Covid." CNN's Jim Acosta reports.

Household spread of is common and quick, CDC study finds
The spread of Covid-19 among members in a household after one person is infected is "common" and occurs quickly after illness onset, according to a new study from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

'A slap in the face': Keilar slams Trump Jr. for false claim
CNN's Brianna Keilar fact checks Donald Trump Jr. after he falsely claimed on Fox News that coronavirus deaths in the US are "almost nothing."

Utah sent every phone in the state an emergency alert
The alarming alert was sent to everyone in Utah who had a phone capable of receiving one: the state has reached a record number of Covid-19 cases, and it was time to get serious.

Democrats uneasy about GOP turnout in key Florida county
Republicans in Florida's most populous county, Miami-Dade, are turning out to vote at a somewhat higher percentage than Democrats -- causing uneasiness among some Democratic operatives.

Republicans on the run in Georgia with two Senate seats within Democratic reach
Sen. David Perdue could not have thought his campaign would end like this.

Attempt to register dead people stopped
Florida elections and law enforcement officials detected a scheme that sought to register dozens of dead people to vote in Broward County, though the motive is not clear, according to the county elections office.